Wednesday, January 25, 2012

the little rest of 2011

family, friends, people. finally i am posting again.. its not my intention to write long explanations for my absence.. but do know that i didnt chose to do so. i had some.. technical problems which seem to be all set again! i am still not a big fan of writing too much, i rather let the pictures speak for themselfs..but: 2011 was such an amazing year- so many people came into my life, there's everyday another happening.. the world just turned around in double the speed it used to.. unfortunately i cannot turn the time back and post all the beautiful and fun pictures that exist from the past year.. but at least i try to post some.. and give you an idea or/and some good memories to remember :). i hope you enjoy flipping through as much as i do..


happy chinese new year! and dont give up on me :)

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